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Repeal The 8th Resources

If you’re looking to campaign to repeal the 8th amendment in Ireland, I’ve gathered some resources that I’ve found helpful in answering questions, or encouraging further reading. I may edit this post again to add further links/resources as I come… Continue Reading →

Waiting periods for abortion

There has been much coverage recently of the policy paper on what the law might be if the 8th Amendment is repealed. The Times highlighted point 8 in this policy paper, a policy which would potentially add a waiting period for women… Continue Reading →

Do Women Hurt After Abortion

Note: I generally prefer to be more inclusive, and use the term “pregnant people/person”. However, throughout this, I will sometimes use the term “women hurt” in response and reference to the “Women Hurt” slogan being used by pro-life campaigners. A… Continue Reading →

On repeat abortions.

Some lies are particularly prevalent when people are discussing figures about repeat abortion. Some people have had more than one abortion. This is true. There are figures which show this clearly. Many imply (or outright say!) that these people should… Continue Reading →

Abortions for “cosmetic” reasons

I wanted to address something that I keep seeing, over and over again, in relation to the Repeal campaign – the assertion that “children are aborted right up to birth in the UK for cosmetic reasons”, and links to articles… Continue Reading →

It’s time to talk about vaccinations

It’s been a long time since I sat down to write a blog, but what’s happening right now in Ireland has motivated me out of my slumber. Vaccination programs in Ireland are going through some troubled times. Though we have… Continue Reading →

When the headline confuses the issue

Writing a headline or title is sometimes hard – I’ve often written an entire blogpost and then spent almost as long wondering what on earth I’ll put at the top of the page. Headlines are important; they draw people in to… Continue Reading →

Freedom of conscience

With the setup of Renua Ireland, and the impending marriage equality referendum, there’s an awful lot of talk about conscience lately. When Lucinda Creighton was expelled from Fine Gael for voting against a bill related to abortion, she spoke a… Continue Reading →

Lush throw science out with the bath water

This week, Lush found themselves the subject of some controversy when they posted a message about an upcoming charity pot party supporting the Girl Against Fluoride. In an event that spanned Friday 24th to Sunday 26th, Aisling FitzGibbon, aka the… Continue Reading →

The time I believed in homoeopathy

I have a confession to make: once upon a time, I believed that a homoeopathic arnica cream magically cured my bruises. No, no, bear with me. Don’t leave yet, the story ends well… Some years ago (don’t ask how many),… Continue Reading →

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