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Caveat Emptor

It should be no surprise to anyone that there are unscrupulous people in the world. There are people who will, given a chance, sell you counterfeit, broken, or ineffective goods, and leave you high and dry when you realise that there is a problem. At best, you’re left with a defective piece of equipment and a lighter wallet. At worst, you’re left with something potentially dangerous and/or life threatening, and that is exactly what this post deals with.

MMS, or Miracle Mineral Solution, was “discovered” by Jim Humble, who allegedly exponentially improved the effectiveness of a South American health drink by adding a few drops of vinegar to it. With this miracle drink, he single-handedly treated over 2000 patients, and trained others to use the formula to treat a range of diseases – everything from malaria to HIV. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Here’s Humble himself, talking about his life and the creation of MMS as he’s interviewed by Project Camelot (a group who are deserving of a blog post all of their own):

Jim Humble interviewed by Project Camelot

In this interview, you’ll hear him state that “MMS will cure cancer”, that he cured malaria in 4 hours, and that the “American drug companies” called the government of the country he was in and stopped him curing malaria under threat of cessation of drug provision to local hospitals. He also states that he further developed the formula of “stabilised oxygen” so that its treatment success rate was 100%. He goes on to explain that he optimised the delivery mechanism, so that you can add lemon juice or vinegar to this MMS powder, and produce chlorine dioxide, which he maintains will cure cancer, malaria, AIDS, and more with a 100% success rate.

This, of course, is complete and utter rubbish of the highest order. MMS falls into the same category as many purported miracle cures, in that it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. Where MMS differs from many of these other cures, however, is that, not only is it ineffective, but it is actually dangerous, and continued use can lead to life-threatening conditions such as vomiting, severe diarrhoea, and symptoms of dehydration. (FDA warning about MMS, stating the proven health risks associated with ingesting chlorine dioxide as prescribed by the MMS treatment)

Chlorine dioxide is typically used as an industrial bleach to bleach things such as wood pulp, and also in large scale water purification. When used for water purification, the final levels in drinking water may be no higher than 0.8mg/L (milligrams per litre),  in order to prevent any harmful affects associated with ingesting the chemical. It can cause skin irritation, lung irritation, digestive tract irritation, vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, etc. The MSDS (material safety data sheet) for chlorine dioxide states that if it is ingested, medical attention should be sought immediately. This is in sharp contrast to the treatment plan prescribed by Humble, which states that you should increase the amount of MMS you take each day until you induce nausea, slightly reduce the intake until the nausea passes, and then continue to raise the dose again to try to “push past” the nausea. This is patently unsafe, and potentially very dangerous, and yet Humble continues to assert that his MMS will cure cancer, HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, etc.

Jim Humble is not a qualified physician. He is not a biologist, or a chemist. He has no understanding of the interaction of these chemicals within the human body, and no knowledge pertaining to curing any of these diseases. He is, quite simply, a quack. It is of the utmost importance that everyone knows this, so that he will not be able to continue to sell this dangerous chemical as a panacea.

In the above interview, he states that the MMS doesn’t have the power to damage healthy cells, and only attacks the pathogens which cause the problem. This is a statement that has no basis in fact.

He states that all pathogens which cause diseases, and which have a bad effect on the body, are anaerobic bacteria. In conjunction with this, he also states that aerobic bacteria are much stronger than these disease causing, weak anaerobic bacteria. This is another statement that has no basis in fact. While anaerobic bacteria cause disease, aerobic bacteria are just as effective at causing disease (as evidenced by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a highly aerobic bacteria, which causes most cases of tuberculosis).

He states that the way MMS kills the anaerobic bacteria is by “blowing a hole in the skin” and that there is no possibility of any pathogen developing a resistance to MMS. He also tells us that the reason MMS is more effective than antibiotics because they must be developed specifically to enter the bacterium and cause the nucleus (the “heart” of the cell) to stop working. These statements are incorrect. While it is certainly true that some antibiotics may attack the nucleus of the cell to kill bacteria, there are many different kinds of antibiotics, including those which attack the cell wall or membrane, those which stop protein synthesis, etc. Bacteria are constantly changing to develop resistances to the various antibacterial chemicals that we use in daily life. To say that bacteria will never develop a resistance to the presence of MMS in the body, even if MMS did what it was supposed to do, it absolutely untrue, and simply serves to further prove that Humble has not got even a basic grasp of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, or any relevant scientific or medical information.

Later in the interview, he tells us that by mixing the MMS with DMSO (a compound which readily penetrates the skin), and rubbing it on the skin, it absorbs into the skin, and penetrates cancer cells (“soaks into the cancer cells themselves”), killing the “little bug” inside the cell which causes it to be cancerous, and leaving a healthy cell which doesn’t need to be killed after the removal of this “little bug”. This is, of course, patently false. There is no proof that cancer is caused by an anaerobic “little bug” which can be killed, leaving only healthy cells. This simply serves to demonstrate how limited his understanding of cancer truly is.

To round up the interview, he tells us that MMS cures malaria, AIDS, cancer, influenza, the common cold, “all types of diseases of the mouth”, abscessed teeth, etc. While it’s true that brushing or rinsing with a mild bleach (such as highly diluted hydrogen peroxide) will probably kill anything untoward in your mouth, brushing with the concentrations of bleach in MMS is more likely to cause blisters and mucous membrane irritation. As for the rest of that list, there is absolutely no proof that MMS is effective in curing any of them.

Essentially, Jim Humble sings the same familiar song as many alternative health practitioners – his miracle cure is being kept down by the government and the “big pharma” companies, it has 100% cure rates, and it is effective on virtually everything. And, just like those other health practitioners, what he is selling is little more than lies, made even worse by the fact that the chemical he is selling is also dangerous.

In short, MMS is not a miracle cure. Rather, it is a dangerous chemical that should not be ingested or used in the manner that Jim Humble is prescribing. It is a product that should not be purchased, and should not be used. If you have any, please dispose of it. If your friends or family have any, dispose of it for them, and tell them why.

MMS is dangerous, and I hereby publicly defame Jim Humble, and his criminally irresponsible promotion of MMS. I wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same.

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The more I read about this guy, the clearer it becomes that he urgently needs stopping.

I was horrified to learn from @Kashfarooq over the weekend that certain UK suppliers of this stuff are attempting to avoid prosecution by printing “Not intended for human consumption” in the fine print under pages of testimonials about how consuming it can be beneficial.

Hopefully the ASA & TS complaints that people like Kash and @RhysMorgan are putting in will stir authorities into action, and quickly prevent MMS being marketed as anything other than bleach.

When you posted the link yesterday I did a bit of reading up on it and wow… What a crackpot! If there were some medical marvel cure-all drug, the drug companies wouldn’t be trying to silence him, they’d be buying it off him and hiking up the price.

But to do something so criminally irresponsible… Wow. Nicely put as always, hon.

Yup, 1hr and 14 minutes of my life that I will never get back, no matter how much MMS I drink. A lot of the video, particularly at the start, seems to focus on building up his credibility by talking about his associations with the space program, his engineering work, etc. It doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny though, especially when he starts talking about faked moon landings, secret photos shown by sworn-to-secrecy friends, etc.

These bizarre claims should be of interest to the MHRA (UK medicines regulator) Would be nice to see their Enforcement Division coming down hard on this charlatan!

Hi. In the interest of balanced arguments I feel I should remain neutral for now. Personally, I have only ever heard good feedback from people taking this. As a result, I will soon be taking a course myself. It is possible that he is all of the above. But it is also possible that he is being slandered for unknown purposes. Chemicals added to toothpaste are dangerous (read the back of a pack of colgate in the states), fluoride in water is dangerous (high levels in concentration camps and prisons to subdue prisoners).

Please resist your urges to abuse me or warn me about harming myself. Instead wait for me to post back my results of state of health before and after taking MMS.

Be sceptical but don’t close your minds.



Can you let us know the following?

1) What are you being treated for?
2) Did you attempt to use conventional medicine already and what was the result?
3) Will you continue to use conventional medicine during this treatment?
4) Do you have any links to independent studies that prove the success of this treatment or are you
merely relying on hearsay as sufficient proof that it’s worthwhile?

Looking forward to your answers.


MMS 1 Works Fantastic for Malaria > I had malaria 8 times , been on all the drugs for prevention , and found them horrible , I worked in 9 African Countries ,Mining ,In 2008 I found MM!s took it with me to Tanzania , I took 6 drops twice a day , newer got it I treated 12 fellow workers,They very all back to work in 24 hrs , They got the protocol as in the Book . They tell me it is the best they have had , They were all natives , I travel the world in my work . MMS with me all the time . I take 3 drops 2 times a day and feel great And only 2 dollars per month it is a bargain

MMS is very good .I had Malaria 8 times in 9 African Countries In 2008 i heard about MMS I got some and went to Tanzania . Took 6 drops 2 times a day newer got it. I Treated 12 fellow Workers All natives . They got the Protocol as per the book . ALL vere back to work in 24 Hrs < They tell it is the best they have ever seen or Had I travel the world in My Work. MMS is with me ,take 3 Drops 2 times a day and feel great. It is a Bargain over PHARMA Drugs


I’m also outraged about this. I can’t believe how far this people can go to make money out of vulnerable people!

Anyone knows who should we report this things to? I believe these people should be in jail!

Thank you for this great article.

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