Its all Greek to me

It’s a very rainy Saturday morning and I’m already halfway through my Saturday morning routine. And as it happens, my Saturday morning routine is one that often prompts questions.

That’s because I’ve just finished Greek school, as I do every week, and I’m now getting breakfast on the run before heading to training. Usually, when I say that, people either think I’m joking, or think I’m a bit mad. “Why Greek?” is a fairly common question.

I suppose that in answering that question, I’m really sharing my thoughts on learning in general. I’m studying Greek because I hope one day to be near fluent in it. I’m not studying it to attain a qualification, to improve my job prospects, to facilitate emigration. I’m literally just learning it because, at the heart of it, I love learning.

I think that you’d have to love learning to drag yourself out of bed each Saturday morning, to be reduced to sounding out words in an alphabet that, at first glance, makes most people’s eyes water…

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