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Why I will continue to stand

Even though it is difficult to do so, it is important to stand your ground. It is even more so when people try to pull that ground from underneath you by discrediting you with facts that really have nothing to do with the ground upon which you stand.

My day job is as a web developer. I work for a company which distributes pharmaceutical and other products (such as cosmetics). Until today, my company did not know about my protest, and are most certainly not in support of it or behind organising it. They know now, as I have had to avoid their good name being drawn into disrepute when it is really me that the homoeopaths seek to target.

Today, in an effort to make me look bad and to heap discredit on my protest, people began to throw the name of this company around like mud. This displeases me greatly, as they don’t deserve it.

I will say it, and I will continue to say it. Homoeopathy doesn’t work. I have always believed that it didn’t work. Bogus science is what drove me to get my degree and do my own investigations.

If homoeopathy worked, you wouldn’t have to personally discredit me to prove it, you would just be able to prove it. The fact that you have attacked my credibility, rather than providing evidence, simply shows that the only response you have is to attack me personally. And that puts you firmly on the lower moral ground.

For shame, homoeopaths. Today, you have sunk to a new low.

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Ugh. These sorts of tactics are despicable, but hardly new. I hope for your sake that your company doesn’t make you a scapegoat.

I made a conscious decision when I started SkepDad that I wouldn’t post identifying information. Not because I fear people learning my opinions (I hardly keep those secret in daily life) but because of the inability of the supporters of the causes I target to be objective and rational. If they could be that, then clearly they wouldn’t believe what they believe.

Reading your story makes me half glad I did so and half guilty. Good luck and solidarity, sister.
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a standard procedure to refute this sillyness:
*show its lack of relevance
*highlight that they are not engaging with the argument at hand
*repeat part of your key message as a direct question to the attacker

or if they continue refusing to engage in meaningful debate
*repeat how it isn’t relevent
*repeat key message hightlighting that the public deserve the access to the information

Don’t let anyone drag you into a muck fight. On behalf of all the people you’ve informed already thanks.

If it does go the wrong way, I’m looking for web developers. Seeing as my position on homeopathy is already well known and to a certain extent associated with the company I own then more quackbusters on the team would be very welcome. Drop me an email if you need to.

I think Dara O’Briain summed alternative medicine generally in his tour last year, when he said that any medicine that had been scientifically proven effective became “proper medicine”, ie no longer alternative. I appreciated that as I am at the very least sceptical about certain remedies and even as a non-scientist can understand that homeopathy can’t work.

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